RRBadge Racer Runners is a sound and light module placed on the shoe, turning any pair of footwear into a magical adventure race.

The Racer Runners sparks the imagination directly while incorporating the timeless benefits of good ole fashion exercise. Easily secured on the shoe and placed in the "ready" mode, the Racer Runners ignition relies solely on the movement and running of your racer. Sound is released with rapid fire lighting. Just stand back and watch it happen, your child's imagination will do the rest.

The first release of the Racer Runners will deliver four exciting and real sounds. When you take off, the Racer Runners activates! Lights flash, Race cars rev, tires squeal as they vie for position... Fire trucks respond as sirens wail... Wild horses run free... Playful puppies romp with cute kittens. When you stop, the sound quickly stops. Keep on running and the race is on.
4 Racer Sounds!

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  1. adam@rockhardwear.com

    i like this page. the kids enjoy the light up toy for their shoes!

  2. Shawn Hansford

    I love this toy! It keeps my whole family engaged :)

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